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Bar Botanik

Night bars:

Bar Botanik,  Kite bar , Bash bar,  Bar "Hawaii,

Bar&Dinner MARMALAD, Kohi Kohi Bar ,

Maison's Bar & Dinner, Ginkga del Mar,

 Surf House2, Liucy's Surf Bar, Scran van and other






Restauran star fish

Restaurants in Chernomorets:

 Star Fish seafood, Vromos, Kondros, Zamaka ,

Flores Garden Beach & Restaurant,

Ам Gul  , The underwater city ,  R-t Krast,

R-t Ivet, R-t Rapana and many oders





Marina Chernomorets

The Marina in Chernomorets offers boat trips to the island of St. Ivan, the island of St. Anastasia, the mouth of the river Ropotamo, the organization of sea fishing, a picnic on the island of St. Ivan and many others







Кite surfing-Camping Gradina

Sea Water Sports:

WakeParkGradina, Surf House, Surf.bg ,

Кite surfing, Windsurf, Water ski,  

And many other sports and entertainment