Chernomoretz - Diamond in the Bulgarian Black sea crown



Центъ Черноморец

                    Chernomoretz resort is located on the Black sea coast, 20 km to the south of the city of BurgassThe resort provides perfect conditions for rest and offers various attractions and entertainments for its summer visitors. The average air temperature for the period May - September reaches 22 degrees. The weather is mild and the water remains warm and pleasant for bathing until the end of October, giving the opportunity for tourists to spend a nice vacation during the early fall.


           In the period June - July are the hottest days during the summer season. In Chernomoretz the rains in the summer are very rare. The sea significantly influences the climatic conditions in the resort - warm and mild winter, long autumn and moderate summer temperatures. The average air humidity is 79 %. Close to the sea coast the nice sea breeze makes the hot summer days easy to spend and tolerate.

Sopping steet in Chernomorets


Central steet in Chernomorets

               The beach is convenient for families with children as the water is warm and tranquil. The Guest House is very near to the beaches of Chernomoretz camping and "Gradina", which are places very suitable for water sports, and the rocky east coast of the resort provides perfect conditions for nudists, for fishermen and for people enjoying extreme jumps from rocks. The modern improvement of tourist infrastructure of the resort, the building of new comfortable houses and restaurants makes local people believe that tourism will become one of the most developed sectors in the southern Black sea coast.